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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back for A Moment

Hello! I know that I have been away for a while, but I have been dealing with illness in my family. This consumes massive amounts of time and energy, as you would know if you have ever had a sick loved one. It leaves precious little time for other activities.

I haven't forgotten the blog, though, and I will be back soon with more words. Thanks for your patience!

Friday, November 11, 2005

guttle, grinagog, gressible

Hello again, and welcome back. Have you even dared think that my stock of words has begun to run dry? Well, perish the thought, because this is a bottomless well, and we have not yet begun to fight! I have thousands, likely hundeds of thousands of these amazing words running around in my cranium, obtained over many years of patient and asiduous effort, and as usual, I am happy to share them with you.

Today's first word is:Guttle (GUT-ull) verb It means to swallow greedily, to gorge one's self. here is your sentence: "Jay had forgotten his manners again. At the restaurant, to his family's chagrin, he guttled his food as if he hadn't eaten in three days."

Well, that was fun! Let's do another, shall we? have you heard the word grinagog before? Well, you have now! (GRIN-ah-gogg) noun This amusing and colorful word means a person with a large, perpetual grin Sentence? OK. "Jimmy was a happy kid; a grinagog whom the other kids avoided because they perceived him as being a sort of nerd."

The next word is gressible (GRESS-uh-bull) adjective:having the ability to walk, "Fred built a robot in his basement using spare parts gleaned from the junkyard. It had artificial speech, and could grasp objects, but despite his best efforts, he could not make it fully gressible."

Well, I'll leave for now, but I will be back again tomorow!

Here is a little something to think about. "Daffy say "Man who live in glass house, should see to it that he always wears bathrobe late at night!"

See ya'!


Thursday, November 10, 2005

pullulate, cancatervate, apoclasm

Hello! As I type, I must confess that my energy is sapped from a long hard day, but I will get in a word or two for you.

First word...pullulate (Pull-you-late) (verb) To sprout multiply. or increase rapidly. "Dave wanted to take up magic as a hobby, so he purchased a pair of rabbits. Too late, because a few weeks and a few dozen rabbits later, he had discovered their incredible propensity to pullulate!"

Next up, let's try the word Cancatervate (Verb) (can- CAT-er-vate) to heap into a pile

Sentence? How about this: "As your vocabulary increases, try not to cancatervate the new words in your head, but rather, arrange them mentally into separate, neat categories."

And one more, (even though my eyes want to close in sleep):"apoclasm (APP-oh-klas-um) (noun) "A breaking off of any body part" (Pretty gross, eh?)

"Don had a hair -raising nightmare, in which he watched in horror as several apoclasms reduced his body down to nothing but his torso!"

Quote for the day "I may not approve of millionares, but I would have trouble turning down the position." (Mark Twain)

See ya'!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

jumentous, plumply, clumperton

Once again, welcome all great lovers of better self expression! I have chosen some superb word samples for you to learn today, so without further cunctation....

The first one that I am going to throw at you is: jumentous (jew-MIN-tus) A pleasant sounding word that doesn't have quite so pleasant a definition. This word actually means: pertaining to the smell of horse urine!! Unbelieavable? All I can say is believe it, because I swear I didnt make it up.

My sentence? "Jeff was in a hurry and had to skip the locker room after football practice, prompting his girl friend to comment "Jeff, you need to shower, you are totally jumentous!

Let's do another, shall we? Ok. try this on for size: plumply (PLUMP-LEE) wholeheartedly, without hestiation or "beating around the bush" Angela thought to herself "Mark didn't have to be quite so plumply when I told him I thought I had gained a pound or two."

You realize, of course, that I am not yet finished! Clumperton is the next word we will define. That's a rather colorful word, isn't it? It simply means: A clownish, clumsy lout.

"Calvin Cloobs was the school's most famous clumperton. His antics had resulted in the suspensions of two of his ex best friends, as well as the loss two important football games."

I'll sign off for now.

See ya'!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

taphofillia, gumplefik, psaphonic, murfles

Well, here we are again, and this day I have contruded a wondrous word gallimaufry for you, and without further cunctation, I will begin!

First up at bat today, we have the wierd word taphophillia. (taf-oh-FEEL- ee-ya) This word is one that describes perfectly those who are in the business of embalming the dead for profit...namely, your local funeral director.The word means: the love of funerals! You read it correctly. There are actually folks in this world that love and delight in these lugubrious events. So how about a sentence? Sure! (Man, this should be fun!) How about this one: "Mr Herman, our local mortician, was recently glimpsed with a wide smile on his face, lurking in a dark corner of his parlor during a service for the bereaved. Apparently, his greedy taphophillia was too much for him to contain."

Would you like to hear another? I knew you would! So here it is. The next word to step up to the plate is: gumplefik (GUM-pull-fik) This mouthfull means simply: restless and fidgety. And here is my sentence: "Mary took her gumplefik three old into the grocery store with her, but had to drag him back to the car, kicking and screaming, because he was causing such a scene."

I'm game for another, if you are! Let's try psaphonic (say-FON-ik) This adjective means planning how to rise to fame and fortune. Sentence? "Jim had spent so much time being psaphonic, that he died an old man without actually experiencing the fame he repined for"

One more? OK. I like the cute word murfles, (MER-fuls) noun and you should too. It means simply "freckles" "Little Lisa had a girlish grin that captured your heart, and a sunshiney face dotted with murfles"

Here is a little thought for you "If opportunity doesn't knock.....build a door' Milton Berle (1908-2002) Comedian

Well, I have to skedaddle on out of here. See ya'!


Monday, November 07, 2005

scriptorium, circumbendibus, automoton

Hello again, and welcome to word central! I am Doug, your cordial host, and today you will continue on your journey to an ever expanding vocabulary. So dig in, and savor today's wondrous word goodies that I have compiled for you!

The first word that you will add to your vocabulary today is: scriptorium (noun) (skrip-TORE-ee-um)

This word means a place in a monastery where books are kept. So then, loosely speaking, and by extension, a library.

My sentence? "Paul finished his supper, then lit his pipe and headed to his den, and ultimately to his scriptorium."

Here's another: circumbendibus (noun) (sir-kum- BEND-uh-bus) This mouthful means simply an indirect or roundabout course.

"Rick had his report card in hand, with straight F's, so he, fearing his father's wrath, took a circumbendibus route home"

The next word is automoton :(noun) ah-TOM-ah-ton) This is one of my favorites, and always has been. It means a machine that behaves like a person.

Here is a sentence "Data, the android from the Star trek TV show, is a perfect example of what an automoton may someday be, if technology progresses."

See ya'!


Sunday, November 06, 2005

pedophaege, juvenesce, pug-nozzle,soporific, appetent, yabber

Hello again, and welcome back! I am your host, and today you will once again add to your amplicative word store with some great new/old words that I have set aside for your learning pleasure. So let's get started!

Let's begin with the word Paedophage (PED-oh-fage): a child eater. Yes, you read correctly, this is a person who eats children!! Is there really such a person? I don't know, but with all the sick people in the world, it would not surprise me. So how about a sentence? Sure, here goes: "When it was rumored that the ugly troll had gotten loose and was wondering the neighbor hood at night,(see the word noctivagant in an earlier post) all the parents locked their doors and kept the kids inside, because the troll was said to be a fierce , hungry, drooling pedophaege."

See! I'll bet you didn't think anyone could come up with a sentence for that one!

Let's try another word...one that is not as ugly as that last one. How about the word juvenesce? (ju-vin-ES-inse) This beautiful word means (believe it or not) to grow younger! Impossible you say? Perhaps, but let's give it some cerebration, and see what I can come up with....( long extended pause here, please)

OK. I have cerebrated with intensity, and I have it! Here goes: "Jeff had tried the new miracle vitamin super mix he saw on a late night infomercial, and after two weeks, he actually began to look younger. Yes, he actually juvenesced, and lost his wrinkles and gray hair, but the juvenescence was short lived, because the manufacturer went bankrupt, so Jeff could no longer buy the mixture"

Want to hear a comical one? I have the perfect word for that. The word is pug-nozzle (PUG-nah-zul) It means to move the nostrils and upper lip as a pug dog does!!

For once, I am going to let you come up with your own sentence for that one! On second thought, I believe I can do it: "Norman the nerd had only one talent, and that talent got him a spot on the local talent show. You see, he could pug-nozzle better than anyone in the county, and that pug-nozzling talent always brought the house down with uproarious laughter!" Dumb sentence, you say? Well, it's a dumb word! But I like it, in spite of that fact! Let's move on, shall we?

The next word I thought you would enjoy is soporific (soap-uh-RIF-ik) Able to cause sleep
Professor Sneer's long, droning, soporific lectures often end up with the sound of snoring coming from several sections of the room."

Another? Allright. You talked me into it. Appetent (A-puh-tent) having a strong, fixed desire "Mike's parent's had lectured him about the importance of being totally appetent about finishing his schooling"

Yabber (YA-bur) (one of my own personal neologism's) To talk on and on. To flap one's jaws, to yak, yak, yak. I'll leave you to come up with a sentence for this one!

See ya' tomorrow!