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Monday, October 31, 2005

apex, disport, kismet, stark, encyclopedic, gallinipper

Hello! Today, I offer some short words as well as the customary longer ones. I'll tell you why in a moment. First word today is apex (A-pecks); The highest point of something: the tip, the top of something

My wonderful sentence "Jerry's career reached it's apex when he appeared on broadway in a three year run of "Phantom Of the Opera"

Next word is disport (DIS-port); To amuse. "Carl had a long wait in the principal's office, so he began to disport himself by picking his nose and rolling the by products into a little ball"

Next word for today is kismet (KIZ-mit); fate, destiny "Ralph and Sally pondered their initial meeting for a long time, wondering how they could be so very fortunate. Finally, they gave up and chalked it up to kismet"

Next word is stark (STARK) desolate, bleak "Cathy walked into the house the realtor had talked up, and was shocked to see such stark, bare, cold walls in every room"

Now for a couple longer words ; encyclopedic ; (In- sy-klo-PEE-dik) covering a wide range of subjects; having wide and detailed knowledge "Aaron had gained a well deserved reputaion for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things relating to computers."

Gallinipper (GAL-i-ni-per) A large mosquito "When gramps called Dennis a little gallinipper, he meant it in a nice way, and was in no way inferring that his grandchild was an insect!")

OK. So why the short words today? Simple. I wanted to point out to you that some of the most intelligent and impressive words you will ever use don't neccesesarily have to be multi-syllabic!
take our word apex, fpr instance. Here is a word that most people have heard, but not many know the definition of. By intromitting this word into your daily vocabulary, you immediately set your self apart as a person of exceptional intelligence who is just a notch above everyone else when it comes to expression and word choice. And you are doing it elegantly without using six foot long words.

I'll include more of those impressive short words in the future. For now, I have to run...
See ya'!



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