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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hello again!

Today's word is drintling (DRINT-ling) The clucking noise made by turkeys.

With a little imagination, you can intromit this word into your lexicon with ease. Here is my sentence "As Dave walked past the water cooler, he was immediately aware of the group of older ladies, gesturing, gabbing, and drintling on about the newest tid-bit of juicy town gossip."

Now you see what I did? I took a literal concept, (turkeys that make a particular noise) and I applied if figuratively to humans (old ladies) to create a clear and colorful picture. This is important, because one can do this frequently.

My challenge to you is this. Get a good dictionary, and take a half hour to mine through it, looking at random definitions of words, and imagine how many literal definitions that you spot that can be easily applied as figures of speech.

If you do this, and do it every day, you can increase your word skills by quantum leaps!

Yesterdays answer. How can you express the concept of someone being at the same time attractive, charming, and winning? Simple. Use the word "engaging" That word encapsulates all those qualities, and saves you alot of breath, as it is much shorter to utter! Sentence? "Bob desired to be an engaging personality, thinking it would launch him into the enviable position of having girls hanging on each arm, but the sad truth was, he was considered just a nerd."

And for today, a bonus word for you (because I'm in such a sanguine mood today!)
Bonus word: Gremial: A friend who can always be counted on. "At the bar, as the Juke Box blared, Don, three sheets to the wind, put his arm around Paul and slurred " You know what palsy walsey? You're the best gremial a guy could (hic) ever have!"

A mystery: If I called you a bandicoot, how should you respond? Should you hit me or thank me? Am I complimenting you, or insulting you? Remember, the person with the more words at his command always has the verbal advantage!

Answer tommorow!

See ya',



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