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Friday, October 21, 2005

First Words:Fumacious

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My name is Doug, and I am an inveterate logolept..(A person who is nuts about words)

My purpose in creating this blog is to share my love of words for anyone who cares to listen. (and learn!)

Hopefuly, you will get as much pleasure out of these words as I have!

Today's word is Fumacious: fond Of smoking

Have you ever wanted a word to describe people who love the tobacco habit? This word will do it!
To help you remember the word, think of smoking and FUMES. Think of FUMEacious!

My example sentence? "The fumacious of heart these days sometimes feel like a persecuted minority!"

See 'ya! More great words coming up! Keep an eye on this blog!


Back again! Today's word is Apolactize: to spurn with the heel.

This definition leaves much to the imagination, does it not? shall we use a little license and say this: The heel is located on the bottom of the foot or shoe. So, then this word indicates the action of giving someone "the boot".

My sentence example: "When George was caught pilfering company funds, the H.R. department uncerimoniously apolactized him.


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