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Friday, October 28, 2005


Today's word is gormandize: GORE-man-dize To eat gluttonously and ravenlously

This is a great substitute for "pigging out" That is basically what it means.

A sentence "Fat Paul wa so huge that he could hardly scoot up to the table, and yet, everyday he gormandized, wolfing down massive shovels of food, until he finally ate himself into a fatal heart attack"

I have to run for now!

See ya'!



At 2:21 PM, Blogger FNORDY said...

I like the idea behind your blog, but it would be much better without all the run-on sentences. Just knowing big words does not make you smarter than other people. =]

At 1:14 AM, Blogger Doug said...

If you'll keep up with the blog, you will eventually see short words as well as the long ones.

Actually, today's word, gormandize has only three syllables, and that is not a long word in anybody's book!

For instance, one word that I have posted is gremial (GREE-me-ul) that is not a long word, but it is a colorful, and unique one.

As far as run on sentences, I feel that people can learn words much quicker with sentence examples.
My whole purpose in this blog is not to show myself smarter than anyone else, but rather to help others, at least those who have the desire, (or are appetant,) to enrich their own vocabularies.

Truly, my only real desire is to share what I know, and help others.


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