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Monday, October 24, 2005


Hello again!

Today's word is noctavigant (nok-TIV-uh-gint) Wandering at night.

Night wanderers...they are more common than we may suppose. Here are my sentences (made up on the fly, BTW) "Darlene's husband, noctivagant as he was, sleep- walked into the kitchen and helped himself to a cold leg of chicken straight out of the fridge"

"Dr Frankenstein, after giving life to his creation, discovered his noctivagant streak as the monster began to wander the village at night, eliciting fear, panic, and eventually lighted torches from the town-folk."

Now today, instead of signing off right away, I'd like to confabulate with you a bit about why you might want to ammeliorate your vocabulary.

Why do you want to learn new words? Don't most of us have enough already? Perhaps, but consider this:Words are more than just sounds. words are CONTAINERS, and each container holds a unique concept. Yes, a concept that may help you in ways you don't even imagine.

When I say words contain concepts, consider this: Suppose there were no word for a certain small domesticated pet that many folks own. Then our communication might go something like this. "Bill, before you go to leave for work, please make sure you feed the animal that meows, and eats mice, and sleeps all day, and rubs against your legs when you run the can opener."

Sounds silly doesn't it? Isn't it simpler, quicker, and more efficient to use the word that contains the concept? But it points out precisely what we would end up doing if we didn't have the simple word "cat" which is a container holding the concept described in all that long winded description.

Perhaps this is a simplified example, but I am over simplifieing on purpose to point out how verbaly crippled we would be if we didn't have words. Or, even more pointedly, if we don't KNOW the words.

To put it another way, he who has the most words, has the most containers. If the containers contain concepts, then it stands to reason that the person with more concepts to his knowledge has a greater understanding/knowledge of our world.

Others may be jealous, and may even in their jealousy attempt to stop that person from enjoying his containers, but I can assure you, the person with all those containers has worked assiduously for each and every one of them, and in my opinion has every right to employ them in communicating his ideas to others and also internally to his own mind.

That brings us to the next point. The more words you command, the clearer and more efficient your thinking process becomes! I could elaborate on that last point, but for now I'd just like you to ruminate on it, and you will see that it is 100% truth.

I must run, and go watch the inside of my eyelids for eight hours, because the sandman is beating me to death.

Speaking of eyelids, did you realize that there is an actual word for the act of stitching someone's eyelids shut? Pretty morbid, eh? It's an unusual CONCEPT, but it actually occurs. Perhaps only of interest to funeral directors and head shrinkers, but maybe I'll tell you that word on our next session.

See ya'!



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