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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ranarium. emacity, haptepronia, trichogenous, countenance

Hello! If you have been reading and working with this blog, you are indeed on your way to developing a phenomenal vocabulary!

Today, as I am in a most benificent mood, I will give you several new words. Enjoy!

Today's first word is Ranarium; (Ray-NARE-ee -um) A frog farm. Here is a sentence to get you started "Bill insulted Tom, and Tom (Of weak vocabulary skills) had no idea what Bill was saying when he shouted "Hey man! Were you brought up on a ranarium or something?"

"Kermit eased back in his chair, and slowly closed his ping-pong ball eyes and slipped into sweet dreams about the care-free days back on the ranarium"

Next word: emacity (Ee-MA- si-tee) The urge to spend. (money, I presume) "Gary's wife, Laura, had seemed like such a nice, conservative girl before he married her, but it only took a week of marriage and one paycheck for him to discover her extraordinary emacity!"

And another: haptepronia (hap-tuh- PRON-ee-uh) The inclination to respond positively to amorous advances. A sentence? Sure, I can do that!: "Dave and Jill had always had a great sexual relationship, but after her change of life, Dave sadly watched her haptepronia diminsh and dwindle to near zero."

Shall we do some more? Can you handle it? Allright then! Here goes: trichogenous (trik-oh-GIN-us) producing hair. And the obligotary sentence example: "Fred was devastated to see his full head of hair recede to the point of leaving him as a living, walking cue-ball, so he desperately tried every trichogenous potion he could buy, only to see his dome grow smoother and smoother."

And another : countenance (Kown-tuh-nance) To tolerate; to approve. And my wonderfully creative and delightful sentence? "I remember my first day in high school and the draconian school principle, who held a special assembly to let us all know that he would not countenance any kind of scurrilous behaviour in his school"

I'll be back! Hope you enjoy today's cornucopia!

Catch ya' on the flip!


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