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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hello again! The word is slubberdegullion. (slu -ber-dee- GULL-yin) This colorful word describes someone who is a consumate slob. That is, someone who is the "king of slobs." There are slobs, and there are slubberdegullions. The latter take the art of "slobbery" to a whole new low.

Here is a sentence example :"Ralph, the town's slubberdegullion, sat on the couch, in tatterd t-shirt, three day growth of beard, gulping beer by the gallon, belching as the spittle dribbled down his chin, as the flies buzzed merrily around the spilled potatoe chips and salsa that had fallen carelessly on his lap and the floor."

Get the picture? You should by now! A slubberdegullion is an extreme slob.

Here is another word: mopsical.

How about guessing the meaning of this one? I'll give you some choices.

1 a popsical with an ice cream center

2 a rubber grip on a mop handle

3 a dopey expression

4 a small cute child (a moppet)

Take time to think about this...answer will be tomorrow.

Answer to yesterdays mystery word...remember I had spoken of sewing the eyelids shut? The word is tarsorhaphy tar- SORE-uh-fee. Strange, and bizzare, but true my friends. And you heard it here first!

Remember I had spoken of words being containers holding concepts?

Well, let me give you a concept, and see if you can come up with one word that embodies that concept. The concept is: attractive; charming; winning
If a person is all those things, would you be able to come up with one word that embodies the concept to describe that person?
Answer tommorow! Stay tuned!

I have to run..remember. Words are free...all it requires is a little time and a good dictionary, and you are in business!


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At 8:58 PM, Blogger Nat said...

I found your blog by clicking that arrow thing in the upper right hand corner. I like expanding my vocabulary also, and this is a good way to do it. It's really cool!

Just thought I'd leave you a comment that wasn't spam.



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