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Thursday, November 03, 2005

balbutiate, bogglish, drogulous, flaffer, scolocophagous, poculation, supernaculum

Hello again! The time has come for some ultra unique words, so today, be ready for anything!
first word? How about balbutiate (bal BYOO-shee-ate) to stutter or stammer "When big Rick caught his former best friend, Mark, in bed with his spouse, all the soon to be dead man could manage to do was balbutiate a few futile phrases, and then pass out"

Are you ready for another? Are you a glutton for punisment? OK, then try this on for size :bogglish (BOG-lish) uncertain; full of doubt; not sure;unconvinced "I watched the late night info-mercial hawking the latest wonder, miracle-widget, and they were indeed counting on me to break out my credit card, but I am totally bogglish about the thing"

I'm not nearly done yet! Here's another for you to ruminate on: drogulous (DROG-you-lus) something of which you can not verify the presence, (usually a ghost, a phantom, or other disembodied spirit), because it has no tangible, effect in the physical realm.
"As Tom slowly entered the oversized door of the presumably haunted Bevenshire Mansion, something bone chilling blowing past his cheek and touching his shoulder made his hair stand on end, as realized he was in the same room as the dreaded drogulous!!"

Would you like more? I knew you would! OK. I'm happy to oblige: "flaffer (FLAFF-er) To make a rustling movement.; to flutter (spoken of birds)

I have two beautiful white doves in a cage on my dresser. When I turn down the thermostat, they tend to hunch together on their perch, and flaffer themselves up."

Here's a zinger: scolecophagous (skol-uh-KOFF-uh-gus) Worm eating.
(honest folks, I did not make it up) "Little Davey wanted a girl friend, but when the pig- tailed girls observed him in his scolocophagous mode, they all ran away"

And one more canorous tid-bit: Poculation (pok-you-LAY-shun) The drinking of alcoholic spirits

We don't normally drink around this house, but on New Years Eve, the spirits flow, and merry poculation is the order of the evening, as we imbibe in that wondrous supernaculum!!"

Supernaculum (super-NAK-you-lum) Very good, or very fine, excellent liquor (See previous sentence)

It's time for me to "hit the hay". I'll be back tomorrow.



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