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Saturday, November 05, 2005

breadbasket, bucculent,magnoperate, eventuate, superficies

Good morning! Today, you will once again have the chance to add some verve, and a splash of panache to your once emaciated vocabulary! Dig in, because here it comes!

breadbasket: The stomach: "I watched in horror as that bully landed a stoter of a punch direct to my son's breadbasket!"

bucculent :wide mouthed "Jerry stood there, bucculent and totally metagrobalized, as Tim strode away, arm in arm with his fiance"

magnoperate: to work on one's magnum opus (great work) "Even though Sam was simply writing his prsonal diary, he shot off the comment "Pardon me while I depart to my den for the evening to magnoperate"

eventuate: to come out or result in the end "Daryl said "I hope that my romancing Rose will eventuate in our finally being married"

superficies : the external aspects or the appearance of a thing "One must not pay so much attention to the superficies of their life, and instead focus on what is really profound."

Well, I have errands to run, so I must end this for now..
See ya'!



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