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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

jumentous, plumply, clumperton

Once again, welcome all great lovers of better self expression! I have chosen some superb word samples for you to learn today, so without further cunctation....

The first one that I am going to throw at you is: jumentous (jew-MIN-tus) A pleasant sounding word that doesn't have quite so pleasant a definition. This word actually means: pertaining to the smell of horse urine!! Unbelieavable? All I can say is believe it, because I swear I didnt make it up.

My sentence? "Jeff was in a hurry and had to skip the locker room after football practice, prompting his girl friend to comment "Jeff, you need to shower, you are totally jumentous!

Let's do another, shall we? Ok. try this on for size: plumply (PLUMP-LEE) wholeheartedly, without hestiation or "beating around the bush" Angela thought to herself "Mark didn't have to be quite so plumply when I told him I thought I had gained a pound or two."

You realize, of course, that I am not yet finished! Clumperton is the next word we will define. That's a rather colorful word, isn't it? It simply means: A clownish, clumsy lout.

"Calvin Cloobs was the school's most famous clumperton. His antics had resulted in the suspensions of two of his ex best friends, as well as the loss two important football games."

I'll sign off for now.

See ya'!



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