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Saturday, November 05, 2005

katzenjammer, felicide, dumple, scrofulous, resupine, chubling

Hello again from the place where all your magical word dreams come true! Today I have selected some succulent words for you to sink your verbal teeth into. Yes, my abligurition this day knows no limits, so pull up a chair to my table, and feast, feast, feast!

First word today: katzenjammer (CATS-in-jam-er) This word lends itself to some cute little memory tricks. For instance, you may visualize a cat in a jar of jam, or perhaps a cat in pajamas. (jammies)
The word means:A loud discordant noise. It also is another fine word for a hangover, and lastly it means a state of depression or bewilderment. This word is a jack of all trades, is it not?

"After a rowdy night at Fred's bar, Sam had found himself dealing the next morning with a katzenjammer the magnitude of which he could not believe."

Here is one you may or may not favor, depending on your feelings for felines. The word is felicide (FEEL-uh-side) It means the killing of a cat.

"Terry never liked cats, but he let his daughter persuade him into keeping one. But after it shredded the expensive living room curtains, thoughts of felicide played in his head most vigorously."

And here is one from old english that I truly love the sound of. The word is dumple:(DUM-pul) it means to bend or compress into a dumpy shape.

"Darla used her skilled hands to dumple the dough in preparation for her famous and beloved dumplings"

Here is another that I love the sound of :scrofulous (SKROF-you-lus) Morally corrupt; degenerate "Grant had degenerated surely but slowly over the years. He went from being a super- clean high school boy to one of the city's most scruffy, scrofulous, hardened street thugs"

And another for you: resupine (RES-uh-pine) lying on the back "The accident had caused the once tall, sturdy Bob Fowler to spend months recovering in his bedroom, totally helpless and resupine"

More? Allright!: chubling (CHUB-ling) (One of the authors own personal neoligisms) A chubby person; a chubby baby
"Aunt Martha dimpled the new born baby's cheeks with her forefingers and exclaimed "Oh my! You're such a chubling!"

It's two in the morning, and I must go and watch the inside of my eyelids for a few hours, so I will see you tomorrow!



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