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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

limerance, doolally, niveous, bibulous, diaphonous

Good morning class! Today's first word is limerance (lLIM-er-ance) The first rush of falling in love;the state of being in love

My sentence: "Barb had just turned twelve, when suddenly it hit her: a euphoric, giddy limerance for her geography teacher that made her heart race and left her almost breathless"

The second word for today is Doolally (DU-lal-ee) ; weak in the head
Can you think of a few people that could fit this lovely adjective? I know for a fact that I could!
A sentence you say? Sure! Listen up students while the master weaves his spell: "Paul lost his first love, after a brief and fleeting limerance, and we all thought him a little doolally when he tried to jump off the main Street bridge."

Let's do another, shall we? Allright, I love the sound of niveous(NIV-ee-us) Snowy, or resembling snow. Here is my masterpiece: "Grandpa Fred always had a way of charming us when we were young. His impish smile, and his niveous, albeit amazingly full head of hair are two things that still remain vivid in my memory."

One more? Sure! I always give great value for the money. (Even though reading this blog is free!) Bibulous(BIB-you-lus) Fond of alcohol.

Ahh! Another utilitarian word, eh? "A sentence for this one should be ultra simple. Here goes: "My uncle Jerry was well known for his bibulous ways. But the alcohol destroyed his brain, and when he was old, his family had to sit the bibulous fellow down at the dinner table with a bib, lest he spill food on his person, because his mind had "left the building"

(I incorporated a little memory aid there if you caught it!)

Another one for good measure: diaphonous (di-AF-uh-nus) Extremely thin, flimsy. fragile

Sentence : "Tim, I said, normally I would believe you, but this time your diaphonous lie is as plain as the nose on your proverbial face"

See ya'!



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