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Sunday, November 06, 2005

pedophaege, juvenesce, pug-nozzle,soporific, appetent, yabber

Hello again, and welcome back! I am your host, and today you will once again add to your amplicative word store with some great new/old words that I have set aside for your learning pleasure. So let's get started!

Let's begin with the word Paedophage (PED-oh-fage): a child eater. Yes, you read correctly, this is a person who eats children!! Is there really such a person? I don't know, but with all the sick people in the world, it would not surprise me. So how about a sentence? Sure, here goes: "When it was rumored that the ugly troll had gotten loose and was wondering the neighbor hood at night,(see the word noctivagant in an earlier post) all the parents locked their doors and kept the kids inside, because the troll was said to be a fierce , hungry, drooling pedophaege."

See! I'll bet you didn't think anyone could come up with a sentence for that one!

Let's try another word...one that is not as ugly as that last one. How about the word juvenesce? (ju-vin-ES-inse) This beautiful word means (believe it or not) to grow younger! Impossible you say? Perhaps, but let's give it some cerebration, and see what I can come up with....( long extended pause here, please)

OK. I have cerebrated with intensity, and I have it! Here goes: "Jeff had tried the new miracle vitamin super mix he saw on a late night infomercial, and after two weeks, he actually began to look younger. Yes, he actually juvenesced, and lost his wrinkles and gray hair, but the juvenescence was short lived, because the manufacturer went bankrupt, so Jeff could no longer buy the mixture"

Want to hear a comical one? I have the perfect word for that. The word is pug-nozzle (PUG-nah-zul) It means to move the nostrils and upper lip as a pug dog does!!

For once, I am going to let you come up with your own sentence for that one! On second thought, I believe I can do it: "Norman the nerd had only one talent, and that talent got him a spot on the local talent show. You see, he could pug-nozzle better than anyone in the county, and that pug-nozzling talent always brought the house down with uproarious laughter!" Dumb sentence, you say? Well, it's a dumb word! But I like it, in spite of that fact! Let's move on, shall we?

The next word I thought you would enjoy is soporific (soap-uh-RIF-ik) Able to cause sleep
Professor Sneer's long, droning, soporific lectures often end up with the sound of snoring coming from several sections of the room."

Another? Allright. You talked me into it. Appetent (A-puh-tent) having a strong, fixed desire "Mike's parent's had lectured him about the importance of being totally appetent about finishing his schooling"

Yabber (YA-bur) (one of my own personal neologism's) To talk on and on. To flap one's jaws, to yak, yak, yak. I'll leave you to come up with a sentence for this one!

See ya' tomorrow!



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