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Thursday, November 10, 2005

pullulate, cancatervate, apoclasm

Hello! As I type, I must confess that my energy is sapped from a long hard day, but I will get in a word or two for you.

First word...pullulate (Pull-you-late) (verb) To sprout multiply. or increase rapidly. "Dave wanted to take up magic as a hobby, so he purchased a pair of rabbits. Too late, because a few weeks and a few dozen rabbits later, he had discovered their incredible propensity to pullulate!"

Next up, let's try the word Cancatervate (Verb) (can- CAT-er-vate) to heap into a pile

Sentence? How about this: "As your vocabulary increases, try not to cancatervate the new words in your head, but rather, arrange them mentally into separate, neat categories."

And one more, (even though my eyes want to close in sleep):"apoclasm (APP-oh-klas-um) (noun) "A breaking off of any body part" (Pretty gross, eh?)

"Don had a hair -raising nightmare, in which he watched in horror as several apoclasms reduced his body down to nothing but his torso!"

Quote for the day "I may not approve of millionares, but I would have trouble turning down the position." (Mark Twain)

See ya'!



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