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Monday, November 07, 2005

scriptorium, circumbendibus, automoton

Hello again, and welcome to word central! I am Doug, your cordial host, and today you will continue on your journey to an ever expanding vocabulary. So dig in, and savor today's wondrous word goodies that I have compiled for you!

The first word that you will add to your vocabulary today is: scriptorium (noun) (skrip-TORE-ee-um)

This word means a place in a monastery where books are kept. So then, loosely speaking, and by extension, a library.

My sentence? "Paul finished his supper, then lit his pipe and headed to his den, and ultimately to his scriptorium."

Here's another: circumbendibus (noun) (sir-kum- BEND-uh-bus) This mouthful means simply an indirect or roundabout course.

"Rick had his report card in hand, with straight F's, so he, fearing his father's wrath, took a circumbendibus route home"

The next word is automoton :(noun) ah-TOM-ah-ton) This is one of my favorites, and always has been. It means a machine that behaves like a person.

Here is a sentence "Data, the android from the Star trek TV show, is a perfect example of what an automoton may someday be, if technology progresses."

See ya'!



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