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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

squassation, blatteroon, lachanophilia, kerffuffle

Here we are again, and I have some galuptious words for you today, so dig in! First word Squassation (skwa-ZA-shun) A severe shaking
"My Grandma Edna loved to sit in that old wicker chair, but her squassation problem loosened it up to the point where it almost fell apart."

Another for you: blatteroon: (blat-er-UNE) A person who won't stop talking "Sally was quiet when she was unmedicated, but the medicines, when she took them, loosened her jaw and she turned into the world's most obnoxious blatteroon"

Another? Sure! I can oblige you on that: Lachanophilia(lak-an-oh-FEEL-ya) A love of vegetables
"Tim had been a heavy meat eater, but his first heart attack at age thirty nine, caused a turn-around in his life, and after months of working at it, he developed an unstoppable, astonishing lachanophilia"

One for the road? OK. Here it is:"kerfuffle (ker-FUF-ul) A big commotion or fuss "When Jane couldn't find her new prom dress, she searched frantically throughout the house, and finally ended up cauing a big kerfuffle over it"

Must run!

See ya,



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