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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

taphofillia, gumplefik, psaphonic, murfles

Well, here we are again, and this day I have contruded a wondrous word gallimaufry for you, and without further cunctation, I will begin!

First up at bat today, we have the wierd word taphophillia. (taf-oh-FEEL- ee-ya) This word is one that describes perfectly those who are in the business of embalming the dead for profit...namely, your local funeral director.The word means: the love of funerals! You read it correctly. There are actually folks in this world that love and delight in these lugubrious events. So how about a sentence? Sure! (Man, this should be fun!) How about this one: "Mr Herman, our local mortician, was recently glimpsed with a wide smile on his face, lurking in a dark corner of his parlor during a service for the bereaved. Apparently, his greedy taphophillia was too much for him to contain."

Would you like to hear another? I knew you would! So here it is. The next word to step up to the plate is: gumplefik (GUM-pull-fik) This mouthfull means simply: restless and fidgety. And here is my sentence: "Mary took her gumplefik three old into the grocery store with her, but had to drag him back to the car, kicking and screaming, because he was causing such a scene."

I'm game for another, if you are! Let's try psaphonic (say-FON-ik) This adjective means planning how to rise to fame and fortune. Sentence? "Jim had spent so much time being psaphonic, that he died an old man without actually experiencing the fame he repined for"

One more? OK. I like the cute word murfles, (MER-fuls) noun and you should too. It means simply "freckles" "Little Lisa had a girlish grin that captured your heart, and a sunshiney face dotted with murfles"

Here is a little thought for you "If opportunity doesn't knock.....build a door' Milton Berle (1908-2002) Comedian

Well, I have to skedaddle on out of here. See ya'!



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