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Friday, November 04, 2005

yeasty, jentation, middenstead, nepenthe, abrosia, imbosk

Hello again, fellow verbivores! Does today strike you as a marvelous day to augment your word skills? Would you like to take one step closer to becoming totally verbipotent? Do you relish the thought of increasing your verbal armamentarium?

Well then , step right up to the plate, because you have once again arrived, whether volitionally or by serendipity, to the best place. So please take some well deserved oblectation in this word compendium that I have assembled for you this day!

First stop on today's list is the word "yeasty" (YEES-tee) adj This word has multiple meanings, but today we will focus on one that may be most utilitarian for you: full of vitality

'When Terry woke up, she took an hour or so to smoke, sip her morning coffee and such, but after about an hour and a half, she perked up considerably, and in fact became quite yeasty."

here's another that I truly love because of it's wonderful, elegant quality: jentation (jen-TAY-shun) breakfast

My sentence: "No Jeeves, I'm sorry, I won't be partaking of my usual jentation this morning, as me and the Mrs. shall remain quite pre-occupied with other "educational" pursuits " until noon or thereabouts"

middenstead (MID-in-sted) the place where a dunghill is formed (peering into your child's room and seeing the horrible wreck that was once an actual room) Children, clean up this middenstead at once, or I will have your father thrash you within an inch of your little, feckless lives!!"

Another little tiffin? Sure. I can oblige you: nepenthe (ne-PINTHE) something to cause forgetfullnes of sorrow and suffering "Steve had lost all in the poker game, so he scooted down to the local speak- easy for a little nepenthe."

abrosia (a-BRO-zhuh) going without food;fasting "We had spent our last dime on getting the starter fixed in the car, and didn't leave any grocery money, therefore we were in for an interminable week of involuntary abrosia"

And one more: imbosk (im-BOSK) to hide something well enough that no one can ever find it"
"Jeff had just turned seventeen, and his parents had no inkling of his sudden interest in biology, nor of the forbidden magazines he was "educating himself" with in his room, for when he heard them coming up the stairs, he would swiftly imbosk the magazines and pull out his homework asignments."

See ya!



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